TolaData GmbH

Founded in 2017, TolaData GmbH provides user-friendly software to help Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) manage their projects and data effectively and create impact through transparent and traceable results.

TolaData GmbH was created with the purpose of building a platform that transforms data intelligence into actionable insights for sustainable and humanitarian action. Our open-source platform is built on a common digital standard that supports adaptive program management by improving the quality of program data. This provides real-time progress monitoring, smart data analytics and visualisations, therefore helping organisations use their data more effectively to increase their impact.

This platform will overcome those challenges to deliver:

  • Mobile data gathering solutions linked to specific projects that enable real-time data-gathering, in-process analysis and a suite of tools for specific project requirements.
  • An open source community edition of the platform that will allow partner organisations and third party tools access to aggregate, share and centralise data.
  • All data in one place. Classified, stored and ready to analyse, share, test and research. Long-term conclusion drawing through comparability by classification.
  • More efficient monitoring and evaluation processes leading to effective impact measurement and reporting.

TolaData GmbH Impact Report

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