Switchee is the first smart thermostat designed for affordable housing. The company is dedicated to fighting fuel poverty and providing building and welfare KPIs to improve the quality of life in social housing. Founded in 2015, Switchee have been working closely with a number of the UK's best known Housing Associations to produce a product that meets the needs of both affordable housing residents and landlords.

Utilising data to fight fuel poverty and empower landlords to better manage their homes, improving the lives of residents.

Switchee's mission is to
1) Combat fuel poverty
2) Cut the carbon emissions of affordable housing stock
3) Provide asset management and welfare KPI's to social landlords, empowering them to reduce asset management costs and deliver Social Value outcomes for residents.

Switchee directly fights fuel poverty by learning household occupancy patterns and turning the heating off when nobody is home, saving residents an average of 15% of their energy bills.: Meanwhile, Switchee's proactive energy saving advice which compares tenant energy consumption with that of their neighbours, can encourage positive behavioural changes in relation to energy use.

Remote data insights improve resident welfare and reduce landlord costs.: Switchee insights enable landlords to make proactive repair, maintenance and retrofit interventions in their housing stock. The landlord dashboard presents landlords with key-performance-indicators, such as mould risk, poor insulation and fuel poverty risk. Switchee also aids compliance by introducing tenant-landlord messaging, appointment scheduling and some fault reporting.

Switchee Impact Report