SignAll is a tech for impact company, a pioneer solution for automated sign language translation that can improve the lives of 100 million people, whose native language is sign language. Our venture assures participation in the social development of the deaf community within the hearing world with respect to their culture.

SignAll offers a significant and scalable market advantage by unlocking new service markets. In the US alone, the sign language interpretation market is a multibillion dollar industry, and the growth potential of services that are not yet accessible for the Deaf should be significant.

SignAll's mission is to abolish communication barriers, thus to significantly improve the quality of life for people with hearing disabilities. When using SignAll, those unable to hear will be able to communicate with hearing people, and to access online and offline services, video chats and search engines in their native language. Once SignAll can go mobile, we predict the emergence of a global product.

Automated interpreting of sign language has been a hot issue since computer vision was invented. Globally over 100 million people are deaf and 700 million are hard of hearing. The global lack of easily available interpreters makes services expensive and difficult to access. SignAll is an inexpensive and user-friendly solution that will significantly improve the lives of the deaf.

No one questions that this is the technology of the near future. The vision will be realized and our mission will be completed. We are here to fulfill it all this destiny.

SignAll Impact Report