Right of Reply

Right of Reply (RoR) is a vertically-integrated technology solution that protects online personal reputations and offers the ability to respond to negative content. RoR's aims to increase access to balanced and truthful content and is a direct response to the growing proliferation of personal attacks and misinformation. RoR provides low-cost, legally sound solutions for individuals to easily review, analyze and respond to biased or inaccurate information with timeliness and relevance. The company delicately balances the collective right to know with an individual's right to let their truth be known - offering protection for publishers against defamatory claims while empowering individuals to protect their personal identity and reputation.

With increasing digital engagement, personal reputations are built and lost in a matter of minutes. And for high-profile and average individuals alike, one's online reputation is their most valuable asset. Unfortunately, laws and regulations are limited in their ability to fully protect one's online identity - applying only to registered, regulated media. Given the rapid proliferation of questionable online media sources, virtually anyone can publish damaging, unfiltered information with limited recourse.

With this in mind, RoR was founded to provide rapid, low-cost, legally sound solutions to protect against negative online content. By creating an online platform to access complete and updated personal information, individuals are empowered to respond to negative content with timeliness and relevance, while the general public can access multiple perspectives on specific content and form a full and unbiased opinion regarding a person or event.

Right of Reply Impact Report