Nordic Blue Crude

The Nordic Blue (NBC) mission is to be instrumental in reducing CO2 emissions from fossil fuel and palm oil Biofuel usage while achieving above average financial returns for shareholders.

NBC will produce carbon neutral synthetic E Fuels, using renewable inputs.  The resulting E Fuels and products will satisfy transportation needs today and in future, for the benefit of our next generations of stakeholders, including shareholders.

Our mission is confirmed by an extensive range of formal Letters of Intent and Comfort, currently signed or being negotiated with a wide range of prominent and reputable stakeholders.

NBC core purpose is to be a significant contributor in the global efforts to reduce CO2 emissions and other emissions such as Nitrogen Oxide (NOx) and particulates commonly produced as a negative side effect from traditional carbon fuels as well as first generation Biofuels, especially palm oil based bio diesel.

Approximately 50 % of EU Biofuels contains palm oil. The big expansion in Palm oil farming is one of the main reasons for deforestation. The increase in use of biofuels therefore in turn leads to an increase in CO2 emissions.

At full capacity NBC will be able to reduce total CO2 emissions in Norway by 2,5 million tonnes p.a., roughly equivalent to 25% of today's Norwegian emissions in the transport sector.

We offer a fast, effective and financially sound solution to the CO2 emission problem in the transportation sector, since all existing cars, trucks and planes can use our product seamlessly without incurring additional costs.

The NBC process and technologies will produce CO2 neutral synthetic E fuels for leading companies such as Audi, and major utility providers such as airlines, ferries, railways, and car manufacturers. The products from our plants also include high grade wax products which are superior to existing wax base materials, as well as petrochemicals with application to high grade oils and plastics.


Nicki Shields from CNN visits Dresden in Germany to learn about Blue Crude, a synthetic fuel that is made out of thin air:

Nordic Blue Crude Impact Report