MagneGas Corporation

MagneGas Corporation is actively solving some of the greatest environmental and social challenges for sustainable development today. Our technology enables the conversion of waste to energy, and we are able to leverage this core competency to sterilize water, make hydrocarbon combustion clean and safer, and produce renewable, synthetic gas from a wide range of virgin and waste feed stocks. Our company positively impacts the utility, agriculture, waste management, and industrial gas industries globally.

MagneGas was originally formed to sterilize waste and generate a renewal energy source for the global poor. The founder was born in rural Italy, and experienced first hand the devastation caused by World War II. As a result, he spent much of his life perfecting the use of a submerged plasma arc technology to instantly sterilize waste while liberating ionized hydrogen molecules in gaseous form. The result of this innovative solutions was the ability to impact a wide range of environmental and social challenges centered on global sustainability

Today, our technology is used to make a highly cost-effective synthetic gas. Our gas burns with the hottest known flame temperature on Earth. As a result, our gas has been rapidly accepted as a safe cutting fuel in the petroleum, manufacturing, recycling, demolition and global logistics industries in North America. Our gas also has the potential to transform the hydrocarbon combustion process, eliminating harmful waste streams and emissions for the global power generation and shipping markets. By eliminating such wastes, we have the potential to reduce toxic pollutants in the air, water and agriculture, reducing heath issues for billions. Our sterilization technology holds similar promise, in that we hold a commercially viable, readily scalable solution for the sterilization of animal wastes for the global agriculture and livestock industry. By eliminating the harmful pathogens found in such wastes, we have the potential to radically reduce contamination and resulting sickness and infection in even the most remote, poorest regions of the globe.

MagneGas is proud to leverage our technologies to make many of the address some of the most challenging aspects of economic development with a truly sustainable path forward. We seek to make keystone industries safer with our gas products, while eliminating harmful a wide range of wastes from our environment.

MagneGas Corporation Impact Report