London Rebuilding Society

London Rebuilding Society Limited (LRS), founded in 2002, is a pioneer and market maker. It is a Registered Society for Co-operative and Community Benefit, registered with and authorised by the FCA. It is owned by its shareholders / members. Any profit generated is reinvested for the benefit of its community, and none is distributed to its owners.

LRS is committed to address market failures, and providing access through comprehensive support services and access to finance for people suffering hardship and financial exclusion. The Society's proven track record delivers innovative products and services and an integrated approach to creating social value through its operations.

LRS current focus is its Home Improvement Scheme, which provides homeowners who cannot access finance on fair and affordable terms, with a complete, start-to-finish package of finance, property services and support so that they can bring their property to the recognised standard in which people can live independently, in comfort and with dignity.


London Rebuilding Society's mission is to develop and deliver innovative affordable financial solutions to meet community need, influencing banks and financial institutions to provide fair and affordable finance and credit to all, thereby helping to transform financial services by illustrating that financial products which work for low income and excluded people will also work for the better off.


  • To help our customers, clients and communities increase disposable income.
  • To help our people get back in control of their finances and lives.
  • To enable our people to be more economically engaged and to help change their lives for the better.
  • To enable our people to live in warm dry and safe homes.
  • To assist our people to reduce their energy bills, and reduce carbon emissions.

London Rebuilding Society Impact Report