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Finding suitable housing can be difficult for anyone.  But if you have a learning disability, it can be almost impossible.  Only 16% of people with a learning disability live in supported housing in the community: most live in large institutions often a long way from their home area, or with parents who worry about what will happen when they are no longer around to look after their loved ones.  Golden Lane Housing (GLH) was established as an independent national charity by Royal Mencap Society in 1998 to help tackle the immense problems that people with a learning disability face when it comes to finding a home.

Whether you want to live alone or share, live in a particular location or they need specialist adaptations, GLH can help people with a learning disability to rent their own home.   We provide quality housing to suit the needs of a person in a location of their choice. We now have over 1,400 tenancies in properties across the country.

Unlike many housing providers, GLH understands the needs of people with a learning disability. We also know that everyone has different needs. That’s why we always start with the person ’’œ and look for housing to meet their specific requirements rather than simply placing individuals into properties we already own.

Partnerships are central to everything we do. We work closely with more than 80 different support providers, including Royal Mencap Society, to make sure all our tenants can access the personal support they need to maintain their tenancy.

We provide specialist landlord services ’’œ such as support to keep safe and financial advice ’’œ to all our tenants, helping to bridge the gap between housing and support. And we have a 24 hour repairs helpline.

Whether a person is receiving support through a local authority contract or an individual budget, our aim is always to ensure a joined-up approach. We also respond to requests for housing from support providers ’’œ for individuals, groups and large-scale projects.

The Golden Lane Housing Retail Charity Bond 4.375% due 2021 (the "Bond") was issued by Retail Charity Bonds plc and secured on a loan to Golden Lane Housing Ltd. The Bond was issued under the ticker MCAP and ISIN XS1066485902.

Retail Charity Bonds is an initiative from Allia in association with Canaccord Genuity. The platform allows charitable organisations to raise unsecured loan finance through retail eligible bonds listed on London Stock Exchange.

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