Geraslan Healthcare Ltd

Care Homes business activity will increase annually and overall by one third in the next 25 years because people are living longer and their needs increase. Traditional care home models need to adapt and develop to meet rising performance requirements and the needs of those who use them.

With all the challenges that the social care sector is facing at the moment, care organizations have to start looking at creative solutions for complex problems. Since the world is entering its' 4th industrial revolution, Geraslan Healthcare's main aim is to be at the cutting edge of technology and care innovation.

 While Geraslan Healthcare understands that human interaction is paramount in this field of activity, our innovative approach is looking to tackle issues such as transparency, safeguarding and quality assurance. We are going to harness the power of big data and machine learning technology to mine the health and medical data in order to enable early identification, treatment and ultimately the prevention among the older people, thus achieving a social impact.

Geraslan Healthcare Ltd Impact Report