Dartington Hall Trust

The Dartington Hall Trust is a registered charity, run as a social enterprise, that exists to inspire and give expression to ’˜a many-sided life', an idea developed by the Trust's founders and other pioneering thinkers in the early 20th century that is ripe for today. We employ 350 people and have an annual operating income of :£14m, ploughing surpluses from our commercial enterprises back into the many projects we fund and support. The diverse beneficiaries of our activities in the arts; learning and social justice; property, land and enterprise; and destination include 250,000 annual estate visitors.

Our purpose, embodied in Dorothy and Leonard Elmhirst's founding ideas, is to embody and inspire a many-sided life; to explore our true individual and collective potential so that together we can build a more progressive, thriving and connected world. It acknowledges that we are all born multifaceted and benefit from environments that enable us to flourish, connect and collaborate with others.

Drawing on our unique history of social activism, particularly the roles played by the Elmhirsts, Rabindranath Tagore, Michael Young, and using our estate to provide the physical resources and environment for practical learning and experimentation, we have a threefold impact on the local and wider communities we serve.

Firstly, we directly improve the wellbeing of our community through employment, living conditions, physical and mental health (access to art, craft, culture, heritage, ecology and nature).

Secondly, we host, teach and equip diverse social networks, strengthening their agency to improve social systems across care and social work, farming, arts, education and social entrepreneurship.

Finally, we experiment in the expression of a many-sided life to enable wider systemic change, particularly through sustainable land management projects and social justice innovation.

Dartington Hall Trust Impact Report