International Ambulances

Company Overview:

International Ambulances is building an all new emergency ambulance that will be the first ever purpose built global ambulance.
This new purpose-built vehicle will support the paramedics we rely on in the most challenging of circumstances, to provide the very best care and medical assistance they can and deliver better patient outcomes.

For patients the experience of an ambulance service, as important as it is, is one part of a wider healthcare service that is there to help achieve better long term outcomes. Increased capability of ambulances brings the opportunity for more onsite diagnosis, combined with high quality communications/digital integration delivering more effective support from hospitals and wider healthcare.

Statement of Core Purpose:

Ambulances today use an existing light goods commercial vehicle that is then modified to make it an accident and emergency ambulance. The modification methodology uses standard fabrication which leaves joints and fixings that catch dirt/contamination and are hard to sterilise. Many interiors are not optimised for paramedic and patient interaction when the vehicle is stationery and moving.

In the UK the demand has been rising - 5% year-on-year primarily driven by an aging population. The Accident & Emergency departments have been unable to cope and one result of this has been ambulance queues totalling 500,000 wasted ambulance hours. The National Health Service (NHS) direction is to increase the "See and Treat" activity with more diagnosis and treatment on scene. A key enabler is the digital integration of healthcare around patients and clinical environment.

IA is fully committed to providing demonstrably better outcomes for patients, paramedics, hospitals and the environment. We believe that our ground up interior design work will significantly improve on scene capabilities for paramedics, thereby improving patient outcomes and reducing unnecessary costs that would otherwise be incurred by the NHS (Ambulance Services plus A&E Departments).:  We anticipate that our new bespoke design will provide paramedics and patients alike with a vastly improved vehicle performance experience.:  : The use of patented technology will improve emissions, looking to go beyond legal minimums, whilst bringing cost-effectiveness for customers through reduced life-cycle costs.

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