3rd Way Commonwealth

Our purpose is to enable an end to energy poverty with 90% energy cost and carbon savings, together with comfort and health for all.

In the quest to tackle ever increasing energy bills and reduce carbon emissions, energy efficiency is now top of the agenda for anyone concerned about energy poverty and the future of the planet.

There are 37,000 houses across Europe insulated to Passivhaus standards. These households typically enjoy 90% energy savings. You do not need a boiler except for hot water. The reason why there are only 37,000 across the whole of Europe is due to the 200-400mm thickness of insulation required. It is prohibitively too thick and not practical. It reduces available living space and property valuation.

3rd Way Super Thinsulation now enables 90% energy cost and carbon saving for everyone as it is less than 70mm thick.

Thinsulation enables 90% energy savings in refurbishments by ultra-thin Internal Wall Insulation or External Wall Insulation. This provides households very low energy bills whilst retaining living space, preserving rentable value and enhancing property valuation.

We also work with architects and builders who have found that Thinsualtion reduces building costs. A supplier of timber framed housing found that it halves the amount of timber required for the frames and enables more properties to be built on a site. Thinsulation also increases available living space typically adding :£10,000 to the value of an average new build.

Mission - ’œHomes for Life’

3rd Way's mission is to enable landlords and home owners to bring their property to the recognised standards in which people can live independently for longer, with affordable energy costs, in comfort with dignity and health.

We enable properties to be insulated to 2050 standards. This makes the property future proof against more demanding legislation expected to be enforced over the coming years.

We also offer social enterprise and social landlords an opportunity to establish a social franchise to increase their social impact together with additional revenues.


To help home owners and landlords to enable their tenants to -

  • live in warm dry and safe homes.
  • reduce their energy bills and reduce carbon emissions.
  • increase disposable income and to get back in control of their finances and lives.

We also enable our people to be more socially and economically engaged and to help change their lives for the better. We provide employment in manufacturing. We train and certify installers. This includes those distanced from the job market.

Return on Investment

3rd Way Commonwealth sells product to both social landlords and premium products into commercial markets to provide investors with a good financial return.

The business model will enable substantial alleviation of energy poverty. 3rd Way also will create employment in regions of high unemployment together with skills development and job opportunities for those distance from the job market.

Each house typically emits 5T of carbon per annum. We enable 90% typical carbon savings.

3rd Way Commonwealth Impact Report