Right of Reply Nominates David Orban’s Network Society as Technical Advisor

Right of Reply ("RoR"), a fast-growing technology company dedicated to protecting the reputations of people and institutions on the Web by providing online and real-world reputation management tools, today announced that it has entered into a formal agreement with Network Society, a global consultancy founded by David Orban.

David and his team will assess the current technologies at the base of RoR's products and services and propose a new design and global architecture capable of scaling to meet the needs of its first large institutional customers, in particular a large national newspaper and a national credit rating agency.

Network Society will work directly with RoR's Romanian subsidiary BSS-ONE to deploy state-of-the-art software development and cutting edge blockchain methodology to enable the long term vision of Right of Reply.

The Technical Advisory work is divided into two phases and will be completed before the end of 2018.

Thomas Brooks, Right of Reply CEO, said: "On the practical side, we are delighted to have input from David and his team at Network Society to help us scale up the platform to be ready to handle large institutional customers. On the visionary side we are very pleased that David and his team share our view that a platform capable of verifying sources and permitting targeted narrative replies to both media items and credit incidents can be of enormous value."

David Orban, Founder and Chairman of Network Society, added: "Today's world needs powerful tools, so that individuals, organisations and corporations can monitor and act on the information relevant to them. This is especially crucial for news around one's reputation, and we are excited to see Right of Reply working with Network Society to make this possible."

About Right of Reply 

Right of Reply is a Social Impact technology company which provides easy to use reputation management tools to ensure anyone's ability to counter unfair, inaccurate or incomplete reporting by putting the other side of the case with identical positioning and prominence as the original article www.ror.news, credit report www.roccnow.com or internet post and personal identity www.rorkey.com

These reputation management tools have been created to deal with personal attacks online in social media and blogs, newspaper coverage and credit reports.

Right of reply is a member of:

The Impact Investment Network, http://www.impactinvestmentnetwork.com

Work for Good, https://workforgood.co.uk/businesses/view/right-of-reply-ltd

Social Enterprise UK, https://www.socialenterprise.org.uk

For further information, see: https://rightofreply.news

About Network Society

Network Society is a diversified global firm, active in high technology investment, consulting and operations, founded and directed by David Orban. The company helps its clients to understand exponentially changing technologies, the power of networks, distributed/decentralized organisations and their impact on the clients themselves and the world at large.

About David Orban

David Orban is an investor, entrepreneur, author, blogger, keynote speaker, and thought leader of the global technology landscape. His entrepreneurial accomplishments span several companies founded and grown over more than 20 years. David is the Founder and Chairman of Network Society, a diversified global high technology firm operating at the intersection of exponential technologies and decentralised networks. David is also on the Faculty of and Advisor to the Singularity University, and an early adopter of blockchain technologies and an active Bitcoin and Ethereum investor.

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