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Symbiotics is the leading market access platform for impact investing. Central to Symbiotics's approach is to contribute to sustainable development in emerging and frontier markets by providing traditionally underserved businesses with increased access to capital and financial services. We aim to do this by offering specialised investment solutions (our platform for impact bonds, investment funds, tailor made advisory/ discretionary/blended finance mandates) that connect socially responsible investors to micro-, small and medium enterprises and to value chain development projects in emerging and frontier markets.

Over the past decade, the company has originated and structured nearly 3440 investment transactions, worth more than USD 4.4 billion, on behalf of 399 companies in 81 emerging and frontier markets, all serving a measurable sustainable and inclusive finance objective, purchased by 50 different investment funds and institutional investors. Symbiotics is a registered asset manager in Switzerland, a registered investment adviser in the United Kingdom, and has further office presence in Mexico, the Netherlands, Singapore and South Africa, regrouping more than 130 employees worldwide.

As an investment company facilitating market access for impact investments, Symbiotics remains committed to reporting on the added social value of investments that target micro-, small and medium enterprises and low- and middle-income households. This is an example of report that we have published in 2018.

The ’œSME Finance Loans for Growth’ is an impact report of a series of 4 that aims to measure the extent to which the Loans for Growth (LFG) fund meets its objectives to foster job creation, employment and entrepreneurship in emerging and frontier markets through SME finance. In addition to illustrating the outreach of the total LFG portfolio, it provides insights into the characteristics of the SMEs in terms of employment, access to finance, assets, financial performance and challenges faced. Discover all our publications and white papers on


Plumseeds is a website of Symbiotics (UK) Ltd. On Plumseeds you can find information about Symbiotics' impact bonds, which were previously only available to large investment funds and banks. Accredited professional investors can invest with smaller amounts alongside these institutions, broadening their investment universe.

For more information please contact:
Mattia Corato
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Symbiotics is thrilled to announce that it has surpassed USD 1 bn in Impact Bond issues in June 2018. Through its bond program the company has issued 116 impact bonds, thereby financing 78 financial institutions in 32 different countries over the last 7 years. It has hereby supported the economic development of over 1'100'000 entrepreneurs in countries largely excluded from the global financial system.

Impact bonds have the same characteristics as traditional fixed income instruments and are appropriate for professional investors wanting to gain direct exposure to impact finance. Bonds are issued in USD, EUR or local currency, and each bond has an associated ISIN code and can be settled through the most common clearing systems for Eurobonds, Euroclear and Clearstream. The average bond coupon is 5.2% in USD, illustrating that it is possible to combine an impactful social return with an attractive financial performance.



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