Thrive receives Highly Recommended at Investment Week's Sustainable Investment Awards 2017

Huge congratulations to Thrive and partners for receiving ‘Highly Commended’ for its green energy bond offer with IFISA at the Investment Week’s Sustainable Investment Week Awards today.
Thrive’s Board and Management team: Matthew Clayton, Monika Paplaczyk, Katie Gordon and Alex Connor, as well as valued partners, Tom Harwood from Abundance were there to share the good news and network with some of the UK’s finest sustainable fund managers and organisations.
Thank you to everyone who has been involved in making the bond offer with IFISA such a success raising £10M for green energy projects and attracting over 900 new positive investors to Thrive.
By choosing to be innovative in the way we raise our capital, our bond offers are able to reach more and more investors combining everyday and high net worth investors, foundations and institutions, with a direct stake in a cleaner, smarter energy system.