A Bigger & Better Future for the Social Stock Exchange

The Social Stock Exchange is changing the way we operate to better enable us to achieve our mission, which is to (1) grow the impact investment market & funds flow to these pro-social/pro-environmental businesses; and (2) enable access for all to impact investment - in order that capital markets serve the needs of society.

The new model has been designed to enable us to better serve our members. Firstly, by positioning ourselves to respond to their needs, especially around capital raising, and secondly to partner, in time, with more stock exchanges and intermediaries around the world. We will succeed in our mission when the incredible community of companies and issuers in our current network can scale and express its collective strength.

To do this, the Social Stock Exchange is becoming a licensing entity. We will be responsible for maintaining the rigor, authority, independence and integrity of our process for admission of an impact company or fund. This important function will remain the responsibility of our Independent Admissions Panel, chaired by John Elkington.

The Social Stock Exchange will work in partnership with multiple partners globally, supporting each of them to develop/operate their own dedicated Social Stock Exchange segments utilizing the Social Stock Exchange Admissions Process. These new partnerships will help us deliver our mission to scale access to impact investors and will in time help them raise their profile on a new global stage with our partners being responsible for the delivery of the membership services. It will also give our members access to a fuller range of support, and a broader range of intermediaries and investors.

We are pleased to announce that on Friday 26th January we signed our first Licence Agreement with Impact Investing Network Ltd (IIN), a company set up by the existing management team in order to be our first licensee, operating the existing membership community under the Social Stock Exchange brand.

We are thrilled that our first licensee comes from within our original team, this way we can ensure that the transition is as seamless as possible. We are confident that the new network will enhance your experience.